Decorating the Little House

We have a little house at the top of the garden that belongs to our daughters. It hasn’t really received much attention since it was erected a year ago, except to paint it a girly pink inside and I put an old sofa in there (that I have had since I was a teenager), but it has been feeling a bit lacklustre  so we are in the process of sprucing it up a bit in preparation for the long school summer holidays. Our aim is for it to be cosy and colourful.

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I painted a little table and chairs in outdoor paint and they each painted a flowerpot and filled them with flowers of their choice.



They spent a little time before bed yesterday covering the walls with animal posters they have been gathering for this purpose. They were so busy cooing over all the baby animals, it took a while!


I threw a pretty patchwork quilt ( the first one I ever made at evening classes) over my old sofa to cover all the worn patches. There are many!


I am going to make some little pink spotty curtains for the windows to make it more cosy in there and so the girls can have their privacy whilst plotting their next adventures!

I have also cut out some fabric for bunting. We debated what to call the house. I fancied The Hideaway or The Den but the girls weren’t keen, but when I suggested The Little House, they loved the idea as much as they adore all the Little House  books about Laura and Mary and their family adventures, so that’s what we will call it:

The Little House in the Garden 


I have a long morning home alone tomorrow ( a rare treat) so I am hoping to get the bunting done and hung up and perhaps the curtains. Let’s see.

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