The blessing of a rainy day


Sunday was the first day it’d rained in over a week. It has been glorious weather and we have been really enjoying it; spending lots of time playing, eating and exploring outdoors. But on Sunday we had an inside day because of the rain and it was really nice to be at home together.


I have made a resolution to learn to crotchet this summer. I have been knitting for ten years ( and on and off since I was a little girl ), but I never got the hang of crotchet. My sister was a whizz at crochet and couldn’t knit, whereas I understood knitting and couldn’t get my head around crotchet.

I have attended a few day courses in the past and at the time I felt I had progressed, but without practise, I soon forgot how to do it again and again!  I guess I just wasn’t ready.

A friend of mine is currently making a gorgeous granny square blanket for her daughter and she recently showed me how to do a basic square. I was delighted as I love granny squares. They have such a lovely homespun feel about them; cosy and comforting ( like my own German grandmother was). So I am determined to practise this time; at least a square a day and hopefully I will make a nice cushion cover to go on our purple sofa in a couple of weeks or less. I am using this book to help me.


Am excited about using these lovely colours! They are from the Sirdar snuggly range baby bamboo.


I still don’t have the tension quite right and my stitches are a bit twisted, but I hope practise will sort that out? I would welcome any tips from more experienced crocheters 🙂


My daughters joined me on the sofa for some projects of their own. My eldest  daughter, who learnt to crotchet this year ( in the third year of the Steiner Waldorf school curriculum), followed my lead and crocheted a small juggling ball ( with split peas in it) and made up a quick crocheted flower . Then she started knitting something as she still prefers knitting really.



The younger one was busy finger crocheting and making a little picture of daddy (?!) with hama beads.


We moved into our house two years ago and have done many home renovations in this time. I love the way the house is now; colourful, light and airy but it is lacking in personal touches; photos and pictures still haven’t been put up and we need some more homemade goodness scattered around the place. Many of the cushions and throws we brought with us were made by me at some point some years ago, but it all looks a bit worn now. It is always nice to put some fresh love and energy into a home now and then I feel. Now is the time.

And apart the blessing of quiet time together making things that morning, the garden was also thankful for the rain and I was thankful for a break from watering!


It has actually rained on and off since then so although I am grateful for this little rainy interlude on the weekend and the time to get things done indoors today, I would welcome many more warm sunny outdoorsy days this summer 🙂 – not guaranteed here in England by any means!


4 thoughts on “The blessing of a rainy day

  1. Gorgeous handcrafts by the little crafters in the house. Looks like one daughter takes after you with liking knitting more and the other one might like crocheting more like your sister. May I ask what the girls are wearing? Did you make those matching dresses? They are gorgeous.


    • Thanks Zena! I am always impressed by their craftiness. The girls are actually wearing their nightdresses ( it was a slouchy kind of day!) No afraid I didn’t make them – they are from the Boden Catalogue – we got some vouchers and they had wanted long flowing nightdresses for ages, so they got their wish 🙂 They don’t usually wear anything matching, so it is funny for me to see them in the same clothes…but who can resist all those bunnies and birds on it 😉


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