Painting with flowers

I was going to write a very different post today, but I had to write about this as I am so excited about it! My eldest daughter came home from school with a delightful little revelation for me: you can paint with flowers!

I love finding out new things and I have to say this filled me with childlike wonder and  immediately after school we set off down the road to our local park in search of wild flowers to paint with. We didn’t have to go far. There are beautiful wild flowers growing everywhere at this time of year!



It seems that most colourful flowers can be painted with ( although the clover didn’t really work and the valerian also wasn’t so great so we fed them to the chickens!) but a lot produced a deep pigment that was a joy to work with.


We used lavender and borage flowers for blue, dandelions and buttercups for yellow, wild flower leaves for green, sweet williams and other wild pink flowers for pink or dark red and various flowers in our garden for other shades of pink, red and brown.


As soon as we got home the girls sat down to paint with the flowers we had gathered and frequently ran off to get more buttercups or flowers from the garden. Here they are getting busy.


I love that the girls could paint these just with nature’s bounty.  I feel so much gratitude for all of Mother Earth’s myriad gifts to us. In fact I believe everything we need is out in nature, we just need to learn to re-access the knowledge.

What a lovely little adventure we had; a special time to reconnect with nature and my girls.


And this is my favourite  ( excuse the dirty fingernail – i had just been gardening!)

What a blessing to paint with flowers! I would highly recommend it.

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