A cushion for Lily

In the midst of being ill and my youngest daughter’s birthday and party, I made a present for our dear friend Lily who also celebrates her seventh birthday in a few days. I always try to make her and her older sister something special as they have been our dear friends since they were born and the girls all have a special connection; like sisters really.

I made her sister a cushion with her name on it when she was seven, I think (and they also have some personalised bunting I made) so I thought it was about time I made a cushion for Lily too.

Lily loves yellow, so I had a look at my material stash and came up with this:


It is a small cushion for her bed, with a couple of sweet rabbits appliquéd on the back.


I used the envelope method at the back as it is so easy to make and suits this type of playful cushion.

There is nothing quite like a handmade gift and especially one bearing the child’s name. They are always treasured more than anything shop bought I find. I think the child can just feel all the love and thought that has gone into the item, making it uniquely theirs and that feels really special. It reminds me of all the pretty dresses my German grandmother made me when I was a child and how special and original I felt in them. Every child is unique and special after all. Let’s make them feel it.

My girls are already requesting I make one for their beds too.

Watch this space 🙂

You can find lots of other creative folk at Frontier Dreams KKCO .




5 thoughts on “A cushion for Lily

  1. The pillow case is just wonderful! What a lovely gift. So true that children are unique and appreciate unique things and things that are handmade. They can tell the difference.


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