Glimpses of a birthday

My youngest daughter C, turned seven last week. As usual the house was decked out in the birthday paraphenalia that I mentioned here to make it special and festive. Her sister even made her a ‘Happy Birthday’ poster for her chair.

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day.

C wanted to spend the morning at home opening presents and playing with them. She was delighted with her new teddy bear that her sister had made as you can see below. In the afternoon, we met friends for a play in the park and a traditional cream tea  in our favourite tearoom. It was a simple day, but still special. At one point, a ladybird landed on C’s arm, reminding us of a page from this birthday book:

“If a ladybird lands and decides to stay awhile, its because he is hoping to see you smile…”

There was birthday cake of course ( Victoria sponge with lots of cream and berries – courtesy of Daddy) and lots of love and laughter.

And Teddy slept in the little moses basket by her bedside all night long.

And then almost a week later we had a birthday party. We were due to have four guests, but two had to cancel at the last minute, but it was still sweet with just four girls. C particularly wanted to invite friends she has known for a long time and prefers a smaller group of friends.

C really wanted her nails done – she loves dressing up – and since seven is quite a milestone, I treated us to some washable nail polish. Here she is getting ready!

We always do craft parties at home as they are nice and calm and the girls love decorating things. All the children were really absorbed: they dressed paper fairies, decorated wooden treasure boxes and coloured little sails for these noodle boats, that the children sailed on our garden pond.

Daddy made yet another cake, with three tiers this time, as requested by the birthday girl ( once again Victoria sponge with lots of cream and berries and some freeze dried strawberries) and a big platter of fruit which we all enjoyed!

The sun was shining again miraculously   ( after several days of gloomy weather) and much fun was had celebrating our sweet darling girl.

2 thoughts on “Glimpses of a birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your dearest daughter. So glad the rain stopped and the sun was shining of her special day. Such heartfelt games and delicious fresh cake. It looks like it was a magical day.


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