Sister love

My eldest daughter, who has been a prolific knitter since learning it in her first year at our Waldorf school, decided to knit her sister a teddy for her birthday from this this book.


I have helped her with some details, but she has worked hard to make this beautiful little bear for her sister’s birthday. Apart from the bear, she has knitted a selection of accessories including a cardigan, rucksack, purse, blanket, cushion and soft cuddly bird!



This bear is clearly going to be very loved as every stitch has been a true labour of love.

There are days when my daughters seem to argue incessantly, but there is so much love, care and thoughtfulness too. I think this bear symbolises that for me: the sister love.

My youngest also recently sewed a little dress for her sister’s toy rabbit as her older sister was feeling a bit sad.


They can be so sweet and caring, it makes my heart melt to see what they do for each other. Of course there are the battles but a week doesn’t go by without a little card being made with “I love you so so so so so much” on it to cheer a sister up.

A book that we enjoy on the subject of sister love is Big Sister Little Sister by Charlotte Zolotow.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; having a mama that makes things with love, it follows that they will follow the same path, but I still delight in seeing the joy in their faces when they are creating something for the other.



5 thoughts on “Sister love

  1. Oh, that is do sweet! It is so special to see the love and kindness among siblings and watch them build relationships.

    The little bear is adorable! I love all the accessories. Awesome job!


  2. It’s just heart warming to see your daughters gift each other such thoughtful gifts. They are very talented! It makes you feel proud when our children mimic the good work we do at home doesn’t it?


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