At the end of April, we received some caterpillars by post from here.

They came with their own food supply and grew rapidly. In a couple of weeks they started to make their cocoons and then a couple of weeks later, at the end of May, we have five beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

We enjoyed this process three years ago but since moving and the upheaval of renovations over the past two years, we didn’t want to add anything more to our lives.

It has been so fascinating seeing the amazing metamorphosis from ravenous little caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. This is something that would be difficult to observe out in nature. We are thinking of capturing a few caterpillars next year and doing the process ourselves to see how that goes.

We have enjoyed accompanying our journey with these books:

Caterpillar Butterfly – Vivian French – fantastic resource and sweet story

The very hungry caterpillar – Eric Carle – always a favourite!

Spot 50 Butterflies and Moths – Camilla de la Bedoyere – lots of info about butterflies.

The Story of the Butterfly Children – Sibylle von Offers


Since hatching a few days ago, we have given the butterflies plenty of fruit and flowers covered in home-made nectar ( a sugar and water solution) to sip on. It took a few days for them to get stronger, but they are now ready to be released.



We said our goodbyes and set the butterflies free in our garden today when it was warm enough. It has been a wonderful enriching experience being so close to this life changing transformation.


I would highly recommend it!

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