Spring books

I love having a selection of children’s books for every season that we only take out at the beginning of the season and pack away afterwards. There is a lovely sense of familiarity and cosiness when we get out our well loved books every season.

I thought I would share the books we have been reading before I pack them away again. They are mainly picture books that we have been adding to over the years. My eldest is not as keen on picture books as she was, being nine,  but she is happy to look through them once or twice at the beginning of the season and warmly greets them as old friends.

I keep our seasonal books in a little basket within easy reach for the children so they can dip in and out when they like. It is next to our sofa in our family room and we also have a sheepskin on the floor next to the sofa where my youngest especially likes to spend time reading. Sometimes we sit down for story time together after school . This happened much more regularly when my eldest was younger, probably until a year ago. We spread a quilt on the floor, covered a stool with a pretty silk or material, lit a candle, prepared a snack and sat down  for some cosy story reading. I still do this with my youngest on some days after school as she finishes two hours before her sister. It is so meaningful to spend time sharing a book.

We love the Elsa Beskow and Sibylle von Olfers books and the Flower Fairies books and have at least one for every season and many more.

Without further ado, these are the spring books we are reading at the moment:


Flower Fairies of the Spring– Cicely Mary Barker – beautiful poems, imagining many of the spring flowers as fairies, accompanied by gorgeous illustrations.

The Story of the Butterfly Children – Sibylle von Olfers – lovely illustrations typical of Von Olfers. We meet caterpillars drinking green leaf juice or resting in their  hammocks and crysallids practising their balancing skills and finally the flight of the butterflies. So sweet .

The Sun Egg – Elsa Beskow- an elf discovers an orange “Sun egg” in the forest and soon everyone in the forest is wondering what to do with it. A mistle thrush clears up the confusion and the elf takes a journey to the land of the sun. Sweet story of friendship and a little bit of mystery 🙂

Pelle’s New Suit – Elsa Beskow –  Pelle has his own little sheep that provides him with the wool to make a new suit when he outgrows his old one. This sweet story takes us from sheering the sheep, through to carding, spinning, weaving the wool and dying the woolen cloth to make young Pelle a new smart suit. Pelle is helped on the way in exchange for his help in other ways. Informative and sweet.

The Story of the Root Children – Sibylle von Olfers – a perennial favourite about Mother Earth and her root children preparing for their appearance in the spring, taking us through the summer months until they must return under the earth in the autumn. Evocative illustrations. Perfect read in the lead up to the spring equinox.

Little Grey Rabbit’s May Day – Alison Uttley – we love the little grey rabbit series. The little animals prepare for a May Day celebration with lots of lovely traditions. A beautifully illustrated, interesting book about this time of year.

Bear wants More – Karma Wilson – we love the Bear series and this book is perfect for the spring. Bear wakes up from his winter sleep hungry and his friends help him to find good things to eat but nothing can satisfy his appetite- he always wants more. Lovely bright spring pictures. Suitable for younger children.

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle – Long standing board book favourite for young children. A very hungry caterpillar hatches and eats its way through a lot of food, leaving holes in the pages! A colourful counting book.

Caterpillar Butterfly – Vivian French

Ferdie’s Springtime Blossom– Julia Rawlinson – we love the watercolour illustrations. Little Ferdie the fox is shocked when white petals fall in the orchard and believes it to be snow as he has never experienced spring before. He tries to help his friends prepare for the snow but when they go to investigste, they laugh and explain that it is spring blossom. Freddie is delighted. Heart warming and gorgeous pictures. There are also Christmas and autumn books to enjoy with Ferdie.

Spring – Gerda Muller – board book for young children with evocative illustrations of the season without words so you can make up your own story with or for your children. We have one for every season.

Spring : A collection of poems and stories – Jennifer Aulie and Margaret Meyerkort- lots of poems, songs and some stories for the season. Many of the songs and rhymes are used in ring time in Waldorf kindergartens. We have one for every season which we used a lot when the children were in the kindergarten years.

We also have books for Mother’s Day and Easter, but will share them at another time.

My mother is German and I was raised with some German traditions and songs and I am passing some of these onto my children too.

We love the:

Liederfiebel zur Frühlings-und Sommerzeit with plenty of German seasonal songs

Hurra der Frühling ist da! Rose Pflock – has beautiful seasonal pictures

It has been lovely to enjoy these books this spring and we are now looking forward to welcoming our summer books. It’s almost June after all!

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